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Elevator Interviews

Jasna L. Vinovrski, 05. November 2017, Flutgraben

Bei 3AM am 5. November 2017 führt Jasna L.Vinovrski Interviews mit den Künstlern, die ihre künstlerischen Arbeiten und Try-Outs im Rahmen der Veranstaltung zeigen.

3 AM is a multi-disciplinary event that brings together artists and audience in order to
challenge, experiment and reinvent the formats of presentation, and / or to propose a
moment where works can be tried out in a welcoming environment. It happens 5
times a year in Berlin and each time a new artist or group of artists are invited to
organize the event in the way she/he/they want. 3AM frame stays purposefully open
to allow for any new forms to emerge: combining performance and science, music or
durational installations, video installations and lectures etc.

“It’s not about success, fame, reward but rather about attempt, participation,
reflexion. As we’re looking for ways to minimize the consumerist aspect of the events,
the audience is as well invited to take part, take care of practical and artistic aspects
of the event.” 3 AM team

Termin: 05.11.2017 I Flutgraben e.V. I 3AM

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