June 8-9, 2024 | 10:30-17:00

Dynamic Expansion is an embodiment approach to movement and dance inviting sensing and connecting to the Fluid Body created by Shannon Cooney. Tuning into the Craniosacral system fluid dynamics and its stillness phenomena grounds the practice.

It is a movement and performance enhancement that flows between deeper inner listening to the fluid dynamics in the body, allowing them to move us, combined with a visual practice “Moveable Cinema” which expands and enhances one’s connection to the visual field. It’s a cinematic approach of seeing while moving and being seen.

There are guided movement meditations and improvisation scores inspired by water dynamics in Nature giving one space for movement discovery, new patterning, freedom through mobility and connectivity. These explorations are autonomous, non-touch partner and group-scored practices.

This practice is open to professional and non-professional dancers, movers, performers, somatic practitioners, bodyworkers, and creatives. We invite all adults ages, all abilities, and all persons with the interest to participate in this practice.

Language: English, with simple German translation, or collective translation.


170- 300 € Sliding Scale

80 € Deposit/170 € Early Bird until 05.04.24

To sign up, please contact:


08.-09.06.2024 | 10:30-17:00

Dock11, EdenStudio150.2
Breite Str. 43,13187 Berlin

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