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Bewerbungsfrist: 01.06.2024

Australian Choreographer Callum Mooney is looking for a dancer to participate in his paid residency at ada studios.

Callum is creating for his work ‘Cosmos,’ a dance theatre work about our three levels of consciousness, life, dreams and death. This is residency is part of the Tanja Liedtke Fellowship 2024.

Callum is looking for dancers with a strong contemporary background. Dancers with a background with floor work, isolations, street-styles, tumbling, counter-technique are strongly encourage to apply.

Video Application Details 1 x Showreel - Showing Versatility within Contemporary and other styles. 1 x Improvisation Video - Please showcase any Isolation, Floorwork, Countertechnique, Experimental styles. I want to see just you and your style.

Email to Callum Mooney


Engagement 7th AUGUST - 18TH AUGUST 9.30AM-5PM

Each Day Week 1 - Wednesday 7th August - Friday 9th August Week 2 - Monday 12th August - Friday 16th August Showing Date - Sunday 18th August. WHERE : ada studio, BVG Hauptwerkstätten, Uferstudios / Studio 7, Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin, Germany

Dancer Fee - 1162.50 EURO Days will include Meditation and Yoga / Dance Warm-up Class. Tasking and Choreographic Development. Performance Showing on the 18th August?

Project Overview 'Cosmos' is a dance theatre work exploring the levels of human consciousness - thoughts, dreams, and the afterlife. The work will feature projection art and will immerse the audience in the inner workings of the human brain, showcasing the paradox of decay and growth. The evolving stage structure, woven with black plastic and plant life, symbolises the entanglement of yin and yang. The choreography, inspired by various experiences, constantly shifts styles and ideas, reflecting the evolution from superficial to supernatural collective consciousness. With inspiration drawn from out-of-body experiences, euphoria, funeral rituals, dreams, and more, 'Cosmos' promises a multidimensional exploration. Touchsensitive LED lights and visualisations, including an arrangement of floral and plant-life, add layers to the performance. Dave Thomson, ‘Lost Few,’ will create the sound design to create an other-worldly experience. 

Here is the open call with all information.


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