edition November-Dezember 2023

Transdisciplinary Spaces

Radical Hope - Eye to Eye von Stef van Looveren. Foto: Nathan Ishar

Sophiensæle reopens under new artistic direction

Under the motto “Trust the Process” the Sophiensæle will open its season in December under the new artistic direction of Jens Hillje and Andrea Niederbuchner. For the opening, heterogeneous artistic perspectives at the interface of performance and visual arts will be presented: In addition to new works by Coco Fusco and Leyla Yernice, Radical Hope — Eye to Eye, a hybrid performance with elements of religious iconography, popular culture and BDSM by the Antwerp artist Stef van Looveren, will be shown. Coco Fusco’s performance Antigone Is Not Available Right Now refers to the tragedy of Sophocles and Isabel Lewis and Dirk Bell perform in the canteen of the Sophiensæle — different co-hosts from the fields of gastronomy, contemporary art, club, literature and music come together and invite to workshops, readings and improvisations. (jw)


Trust the Process - Reopening program of the Sophiensæle.

December 7 - 17, 2023



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