Foto: Réné Löffler

A participatory dance piece for young audiences by Janne Gregor

Who owns the stage? In Ich kann’s nicht lassen (I can’t help it), the new work by Berlin-based choreographer Janne Gregor, premiering at TANZKOMPLIZEN at the Podewil, the audience gets to decide how the performance unfolds. Children and adults are on stage with four dancers and a musician, and together they discover the dance style Krump — an Afro-diasporic dance culture that emerged on the streets of L.A. and rebels against social injustice and discrimination. In interaction with Krump professionals and several Berlin school classes, Janne Gregor has developed a choreographic game based on communal foundation and mutual support. An artistic work on the theme of participation and self-empowerment, in which dance is used as a vehicle for understanding. It’s a dance you just can’t help doing. (jw)


Janne Gregor

Ich kann’s nicht lassen (I just can’t help it)

November 16-18, 2023

TANZKOMPLIZEN at the Podewil

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