edition November-Dezember 2023

Poetry and Accusation

Water Will (in Melody) von Ligia Lewis. Foto: Maria Baranova

Retrospective of the work of Ligia Lewis at HAU

In her emotionally charged choreographies, Ligia Lewis continually questions the stage and the body as spaces for representation and asserts a Black position within the white-dominated dance repertoire. The November showcase of her work will feature five stage works from the last ten years, as well as the video work deader than dead (2020) and the sound installation Complaint, A Lyric (2023). The performance trilogy BLUE, RED, WHITE includes Sorrow Swag (2014), which questions concepts of race and mourning; minor matter (2016), which debunks and confuses ‘white’ and ‘Black’ dance knowledge; and Water Will (in Melody) (2018), a gothic melodrama and dystopian fantasy. Still Not Still (2021) explores darkness as a space of exclusion for non-white people, while her latest work, A Plot / A Scandal (2022), looks at the immorality of scandal. (jw)


Ligia Lewis

Complaint, A Lyric. A Ligia Lewis retrospective.

November 15-19, 2023



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