edition September-October 2022

An Extension of Surfaces

Tanzfabrik Berlin strikes a fold

Verwandelt Brachflächen in Spielorte: Lisa Densem in Sandra Mans „Aeon III“. © Sandra Man

Text: Frana Kisch: Text: Frana Kisch

Tanzfabrik Berlin will be presenting its fall program in two parts, combining different artistic works as part of the Fold/Falten format. The prelude, on the occasion of Berlin Art Week in September, will be choreographic works that interact with visual art. Emmilou Rößling’s “Copernicus Drift” ventures into the shady terrain where looks can be deceiving, words are hidden behind their meaning, and dance revolves around itself. In “Aeon III” Sandra Man explores a piece of fallow land on Landsberger Allee, and in “ROOOM #3” Mirjam Sögner renders audible the narratives of fictitious and existing landscapes. In the second part of Fold/Falten event in October, artists such as Sabine Zahn, massavuoto – massescape, Akseli ­Aittomäki, and Katja Münker will be exploring urban spaces. The socio-political space will be investigated in places like Alexanderplatz or the Museumsinsel Lustgarten.

Fold – Die erste Falte / Fold – Into the City
September 16 – Oktober 9, 2022
Tanzfabrik Berlin / Uferstudios, Stadtraum

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