edition September-October 2022

Community Biodiversity

Conversational interactions at AUSUFERN

Tanzen auf dem Hof und in der Nachbarschaft der Uferstudios gehört zu AUSUFERN dazu. © Aaron Williams

Text: Frana Kisch: Text: Frana Kisch

Uferstudios in Wedding is a place of dialogue, and not only in the context of the AUSUFERN program series. Over the course of two weekends, the Wedding campus will be transformed into a venue for conversations: indoors and outdoors, complex perspectives, human and non-human bodies and voices, and even opposing modes of existence will be explored. In addition to meditations on plants and ecological hikes, traditional cultural rituals will be adapted in a contemporary way, stories will be shared around the fire, and there will also be a program for young audiences. “Across the Middle, Past the East,” a cynical feminist cabaret, will be presented at the Heizhaus, and the Social Muscle Club will extend a warm invitation to engage in collective interaction. AUSUFERN is a gathering which will feature Hyunsin O. Kim, Alice Chauchat, Soy Division, Ela Spalding, Paulina Miu, Katrin Hentschel & Martin Clausen & Rafał Dziemidok, Cécile Bally & Cathy Walsh, Niels Weijer, Luísa Saraiva, Enana, Fulvia Dallal, Roni Katz, Sirine Malas, Lee Méir, Miranda De La Frontera and of course the audience!

September 24-25 and 29 – October 2, 2022

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