edition September-October 2022

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Young choreographers at the Tanztreffen der Jugend

Berlin Style: „de mon âme à ton âme“ von Anwen und Juana. © Anwen und Juana

Text: Frana Kisch: Text: Frana Kisch

The 9th iteration of the youth dance meeting Tanztreffen der Jugend will present a total of ten productions by and with young people on the big stage at Haus der Berliner Festspiele. A total of 45 productions were submitted, including solos, duets and ensemble pieces featuring a wide range of diverse dance aesthetics. Two Berlin groups will also be represented at the festival: Borda­boogies will grapple with the neologism of the same name in “mimeomia,” which describes the frustrating feeling of how readily we fit fall into stereotypes without intending to. In addition, from Berlin, the festival will also feature Anwen and Juana with their work “de mon âme à ton âme” and Noomi Johanna Eleni’s piece “dancing for the questions.” The works presented at Tanztreffen der Jugend more than demonstrates the stirring, political and socio-critical potential of contemporary and urban dance.

Tanztreffen der Jugend
September 26 – October 3, 2022
Haus der Berliner Festspiele

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