edition September/October 2020

Curative Rearrangement

Strategies of female solidarity at DOCK 11

„CUNTethics & SQUATconstellations“ von Yuko Kaseki, Teo Vlad, Lea Kieffer u.a. © tsvprojected

Christine Matschke
Dance journalist

Matriarchal myths have never completely lost their influence in European literature, as the book „The White Goddess“ by Robert von Ranke-Graves confirms. Now, the strength of matriarchal influences is being brought to the fore by a group of female artists from Berlin at DOCK 11. Under the title „CUNTethics & SQUATconstellations“, Yuko Kaseki, Teo Vlad, Lea Kieffer and others are exploring the etymology and interpretation of different designations of the female genitalia and the devaluation of female positions of power from mythology and the Middle Ages up to today’s left-wing squatter scene. With a view to the herstory of Berlin as well as half-real, half-fictional participatory formats, local visions of the future will then be pursued. The multi-layered research, which also involves women from the neigborhood, will result in an intermedia and interactive exhibition performance with a ritual character. The newly experienced longing for healing of a civilization that is increasingly drifting towards chaos is shared through webinars and live stream transmissions accompanying the performance.

Yuko Kaseki, Teo Vlad, Lea Kieffer u.a.
CUNTethics & SQUATconstellations
September 17-20, 2020

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