edition Mai-Juni 2024

What the Body Needs to Remember

Foto: Pauline Arnold

Eli Mathieu Bustus presents a solo work at Tatwerk

In Have a Safe Travel, choreographer Eli Mathieu Bustos processes his memories of a train journey in which three police officers stopped him and subjected him to racial profiling for the first time. It is an equally banal and violent event that tells of an oppressive system and whose scars Bustos translates into dance material. Inspired by subcultural dance styles such as dancehall and house as well as ballet, German expressive dance and Butoh, the choreographer employs an improvisation technique that he developed himself: The De Caelo technique is based on working with emotions as well as astrology, celestial charts and the influence of the stars on our bodies. (jw)


Eli Mathieu Bustos

Have A Safe Travel

June 7-8, 2024



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