edition Mai-Juni 2024

Water Features in the Garden

Foto: Penelope Wehrli

A synaesthetic spatial score by Penelope Wehrli at EDEN*****

How are movement, sound and space synaesthetically linked? The artist Penelope Wehrli, who explores the interface between performance, theater and media art, uses the piece Anatomorphoses in her search for expanded perception. In the performative installation, the choreography by Lina Gómez develops the dance of two dancers from fantastic stories of other species and digitally filtered real-time sounds from the urban environment. The result is a fictitious anatomical experiment in which the dancers’ movements are transmitted by means of body sensors to a water feature in the garden, and the connections between sound, space and movement are expanded, atomized and shifted. (jw)


Penelope Wehrli


June 20–23, 2024




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