edition Mai-Juni 2024

Fairytale Myth in the Snow

Foto: Isabelle Schad

Isabelle Schad presents a performance for young audiences at Theater o.N.

Who is this mysterious woman with long black hair who emerges in the cold snow and invites all the children she meets to play with the wind? Yuki Onna - die Schneefrau (Yuki Onna - the Snow Woman) is a reworking of the piece FUR by Isabelle Schad together with the Japanese dancer Aya Toraiwa, which premiered in 2020 and in which the dancer is concealed under the fur of her long black hair. Inspired by the Japanese fairy tale Yuki Onna and the films of director Akira Kurosawa, excerpts from the fairy tale are played as voice-overs, transforming the stage into a snowy landscape and creating poetic worlds on the threshold of reality and fantasy. For adults and children aged five and over. (jw)


Isabelle Schad

Yuki Onna – die Schneefrau (The Snow Woman) (5+)

May 3–5, 2024

Theater o.N.




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