Future perspective DANCE capital!

Status Autumn 2021

Tanzpraxis, Residency Funding, Distribution Fund, Dance Archive, Dance Communication Center, House for Dance and Choreography, Strengthening decentralized dance locations

While the red-green-red coalition negotiations in Berlin are underway, three of the seven structure-strengthening measures developed by the Round Table Dance (RTT), and implented as pilot projects since 2020, are being evaluated: the Dance Practice Long-Term Scholarships (Tanzpraxis), the Residency Funding for Dance and the Distribution Fund. At the beginning of 2022, three conception teams will present their final reports on a TanzArchiv Berlin to be conceived, a Dance Communication Center that also operates decentrally, and a House for Dance and Choreography, which in synergy with the strengthening of the decentralized Berlin dance venues must then go into the next implementation stage. It is crucial to continue to resolutely implement the concrete recommendations for action of the Round Table Dance, Development Plan Dance 2019-2025. 

Contemporary dance as an art form needs a future perspective in Berlin in order to be able to adequately develop its international appeal! At the latest now, the dance venues - reliable working basis for the 2500 dancers and choreographers working in Berlin - need planning security for the coming year.


Published on 05.11.2021.



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