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Corona | Documentation of the loss of income

Uniform templates for dance professionals

Together with TanzSzene Baden-Württemberg, Tanzbüro München, nrw landesbüro tanz and Tanzbüro Berlin, the Dachverband Tanz has developed a uniform and easy-to-use table structure to jointly record current revenue shortfalls.

In the cultural sector, the consequences of the corona pandemic also include a high loss of income for many self-employed people in the dance sector (artists, teachers, production managers, technicians, etc.) and dance venues (schools, venues, production sites, archives, etc.). The federal and state governments want to compensate for these losses and are working on hardship funds - aid measures are also being developed in the cultural sector.

It is now important to document these losses of income well - for you/yourself as a separate overview that is quickly available when financial aid becomes possible.

For the dance associations and networks, this overview is important in order to be able to record and know the needs at the various levels and to be able to pass on the scale.

Together with TanzSzene Baden-Württemberg, Tanzbüro Berlin, Tanzbüro München and nrw landesbüro tanz, the Dachverband Tanz has developed a uniform and easy-to-use table structure in order to jointly record these lost revenues. We make these tables available to all dance professionals, dance associations and institutions and ask you/all of you to participate in the recording.

Documentation forms for

The Dachverband Tanz has received your previous documentaries for an overview of the national dance landscape until 27.03. For a first survey of the demand, we ask you for the time being not to send any further emails with the tables to the Dachverband. If necessary, the query will be made several times and we will inform you about a further call.

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