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Publication "Making a Difference 2018–2024. Developing, cultivating, and strengthening anti-ableist practice in the field of dance" online

"From the beginning, the aim of Making a Difference has been to support and promote the self-determined work of disabled, d/Deaf, and chronically ill artists in the Berlin dance scene and their communities. In the last six years, we have offered countless workshops, further education, and advice; we have had many enriching – and sometimes challenging – conversations and discussions; we organised an international conference and, through a total of ten residencies and six co-productions, we have given dancers, choreographers, and performers time and space to research, conceive, and perform artistic works of their own.

Today, as we reflect on the project’s work since 2018, we notice the many small and large changes brought about by Making a Difference and our allies in institutions, in cultural policy, and in the lives of cultural practitioners in Berlin and beyond.

Under the title 'Making a Difference 2018-2024. Developing, cultivating, and strengthening anti-ableist practice in the field of dance', we look back on the last six years. In the form of interviews with artists and reports on developments in the network’s partner organisations, Chapter 1 provides insights into project practice over the last six years. Chapter 2 'What it takes to act – a knowledge transfer' gives an overview of our perspectives on disability, ableism, privilege and audism as well as initial practical recommendations for anti-ableist working practices in the cultural sector and beyond."

The publication is available online as accessible PDF in both German and English from January 20.

This publication concludes the project Making a Difference (2018–2024), funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund with funds from the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion / Co-Financing Programme.

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