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Hosting Audiences and Monsters

Helena Botto, 03. August 2017, Uferstudios

After the performance MONSTRATOR, five Hosts will invite the Audience to join a discussion hybridised with a saloon format, though this time the Monsters showed will be of a different kind. The idea is to share and reflect together upon cultural, political, racial, economic, social, religious and sexual Monsters and processes of Monstrification more directed related to the audience’s background. The aim of this event is rather sharing materials and processes that were at the based of the performance rather to give agency to the audience in expanding the theme approached in the performance.
A short introduction-lecture on Monsters will be held in which the subject of Monstrousness and Monstrator will be interweaved. Further the audience is invited and guided into embodying one of the moments of the performance whilst some basic principals concerning production of humour and horror/uncanniness are read along.

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