"Seeking the Truth" von Pau Aran. Foto: Rachel Papo

A New York guest performance evening at the Ackerstadtpalast

The Ackerstadtpalast is hosting a triple bill evening with three solo works from New York: The dancer and choreographer Pau Aran, a former member of the Wuppertal Tanztheater and now a dancer with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, among others, will present Seeking the Truth, an abstract-compositional solo about the need for belonging. The solo Can by US artist Dominique McDougal, formerly a dancer with the James Sewell Ballet in Minneapolis and now living in Berlin, pays tribute to the people whose paths crossed McDougal’s life and is a love letter to all those who have left us too soon. Choreographer and curator Pamela Pietro, on the other hand, presents the solo La La La La La, which explores the question of what captivates us most when we watch a dance piece. (jw)


Pau Aran, Dominique McDougal, Pamela Pietro (Triple Bill Performance)

ROOTED:revival - Stages of Awakening

July 27 + 28, 2024




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