Foto: Cyan

A new production by cie. toula limnaios

For their new dance piece la nef des fols, choreographer Toula Limnaios and her ensemble were inspired by the motif of the ship of fools, which has been repeatedly addressed in literature and art from the Middle Ages to the present day. The piece leaves it open whether the protagonists are trying to escape disaster and danger or rather represent a society running out of control, navigating a rudderless ship on a lost course. Symbolizing the problems of our time, the ensemble embarks on a search for a community-building element in an increasingly merciless world. With quiet moments of light and beauty in the midst of violence and tragedy, la nef des fols strives to remain hopeful and in so doing is thoroughly political. (jw)


cie. toula limnaios

la nef des fols

July 3, 4 - 6, 10 - 13, 2024

HALLE Tanzbühne Berlin


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