Short-, medium-, long-term innovation for solid dance structures!

The current submission of the final reports by the three respective conception teams for a Dance Communication Centre, a Dance Archive and a House of Dance and Choreography, which highlight both the enormous potential in the Berlin dance scene as well as the existing gaps in it, lay crucial foundations for the structure of dance in the city. These foundations now need to be but on a firm financial footing in the current double budget for 2022/2023 in order to adequately furnish them with the additional funds needed to find, design and implement a site, in Berlin’s next double budget at the latest. We have to keep hammering away, in the truest sense of the words, in order to create real prospects for an open, barrier-free meeting place, a site for artistic research and a location for current creative-dance work in Berlin in all its diverse facets. The international appeal of the Berlin dance scene and its increasingly visible innovation potential in recent years and decades must no longer be allowed to lie fallow in the shadows of other fields of art that, in structural terms, have (deeper) institutional roots. Strengthening dance structurally and sustainably via the various funding pillars in order to finally remove the current deficits in the long term is long overdue! The Final Report of the Round Table for Dance presented in 2018 set out a clear development plan for dance that must continue to be implemented, step by step!


Published on 2 May 2022

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