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Nationwide: Support for artists from Ukraine

Here we present a selection of existing support initiatives and programmes for artists from Ukraine who have fled the war, as well as dissident artists from Russia or Belarus (and in some programmes also worldwide). ARTISTS at RISK (AR) is a non-profit organisation at the intersection of human rights and art that has been working with non-profit arts organisations and government funders since 2013 to support artists who are politically vulnerable and fleeing oppression and war. AR is dedicated to supporting persecuted artists, facilitating their safe departure from their countries of origin, housing them in AR residencies and curating relevant projects. The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, Praetorian Beratung and the BBTK have together launched an appeal for help and created a web platform for this purpose: www.help-dance.org . This collects offers from ensembles for training participation, requests from refugee artists, as well as further information on questions of residence, etc. The UdK has set up a solidarity fund, among other things, and lists various support offers and contact points on  its website. The Martin Roth Initiative supports temporary protection and creative residencies in Germany. Applications are open to artists and cultural workers worldwide. Click here for the current scholarship offers. The state of Berlin offers information for refugees on its website.

Published on  1 April 2022.

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