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Kulturraum Berlin GmbH: Vacancies for project staff on behalf of the Bündnis Freie Szene e.V.

Start of work in November 2020

An important focus of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe is to provide affordable work and presentation spaces for artists of all art forms. To this end, work tasks are bundled together in the Kulturraum Berlin GmbH (founded in April 2020): Development of specific room programs and coordination of the determination of needs for working spaces, development of utilization concepts, management of the acquisition and rental of work and presentation spaces for artists, of the structural preparation and modification of objects, and of the allocation and the operation of rooms for the arts.

The team of Kulturraum Berlin GmbH is expected to be complete in October (managing director: Jasper Bieger, authorized represantative: Tatjana Kaube). The interface to the independent scene will be ensured by two project collaborators on behalf of the Bündnis Freie Szene e.V. They will work closely together with Kulturraum Berlin GmbH and are in close contact with the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, the BIM, the GSE, the studio office in the Kulturwerk of the bbk berlin, the Tanzbüro Berlin as well as the associations and other actors of Berlin’s independent art scene. These two positions (30 hours weekly each: project coordination, consulting) will be advertised in September and published by Tanzbüro Berlin on tanzraumberlin.de. The intended start of work is November 2020.

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