Further implementation of Berlin Round Table for Dance measures, double budget 2022/2023

As part of the Tanzplattform 2022 in Berlin, the TanzRaumBerlin network had its first joint exchange with the cultural policy spokespersons and the cultural administration on the current status of the measures developed by the Round Table for Dance (RTT), which have been in the process of implementation since 2020. Their continuation in 2022/2023 is undisputed, any increase in the current budget is welcome - at the latest in the next double budget, a significant increase is needed, as presented in the RTT final report, in order to guarantee the urgently needed structural strengthening of dance as an almost exclusively non-institutional art form. A sustainable and diverse art form of dance that acts in solidarity needs strong cultural-political support and advocates! And adequate financial resources for sustainable structures.


Published on 1 April 2022

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