Floating University Berlin

Every Tuesday in September 12/19/26 from 9–11 am

Space for practice is a regular space held by movement practices with and within the outside location of the rainwater retention basin of Floating University Berlin. Led by choreographers and open for everybody it is an occasion for practices to encounter places, for choreographers to encounter practitioners, for practitioners to encounter the site of Floating, for the site to shape the practice.

Under the title Space for practice – with plants the focus lies in September on physical and choreographical approaches to plants, to vegetal life as miracles of adaptation, survival and  affirmation of aliveness.

Space for practice – with plants is making space for practices to be practiced, it accepts all irregular conditions such as weather, creatures, bushes, trees and other activities on site. Space It is therefore a regular practice in inevitably irregular conditions.

Conditions of participations are:
Space for Practices – with plants takes place no matter what happens in terms of changing conditions (be prepared with clothing). It starts punctual, but without preregistration. Please come in time, we hold the space together. You can come as many times as you want, also just once. There is no participation fee. We can deal with different languages

Participating choreographers in September are Anja Müller, Dennis Deter, Magdalena Meindl, Lea Martini.
Initiated by Sabine Zahn, organized by Lea Martini.


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