transposition reverse – Performance project with Michael Langeneckert at marameo Berlin

Several workshop dates starting from 8th of March 2020

Our society is dominated by working life and is completely geared towards it. Performance and success are paramount. The view is always forward. Growth is the magic word and is considered the most important pillar of the economy. Production must always work, idling and standstill count as a loss.

Dates: 08., 15., 22., 28. & 29.03.2020, 15:00–19:00
Showing: Sunday, March 29th at 19:30
Level: Dancers/ Advanced
Fee: 190€ regular, 170€ professional dancers and dance students (professional dance education)
Registration with a short CV via


Where: marameo Berlin e.V., Wallstraße 32, D - 10179 Berlin


The performance workshop focuses on examining the qualities of activity and passivity.
We play with the terms and explore their limits. When does activity become actionism? Does overly eager actionism really help me? What about the opposite? What are the different qualities of pausing and do they mean standing still?
The performance project transposition reverse is a mixture of movement research and theatrical moments. We generate movement material through tasks, which we contrast with different intentions. We play with the change in effect through contrasting intentions. We work with the opposition of activity and passivity in the movement sequence and play with the narrow degree of positive and negative effects, in order to finally place them in a performative context with the group. This will then be shown in a public showing in the Marameo at the end of the workshop.


Michael Langeneckert (G) works freelance as a choreographer, teacher and dancer and lives in Freiburg/D. In October 2018 he found his new label moving orchestra. In the current season 19/20 he produces a new project for moving orchestra in Freiburg, is invited to do creations for the theatre in Luzern and at Sozo in Kassel. He is teaching contemporary classes across
Europe at places like Marameo Berlin, Tanzhaus Zürich, HJS Amsterdam, Codarts Rotterdam, Danceworks Berlin, Sozo Kassel, Theater Bern/Basel/ Luzern, Staatstheater Braunschweig and Kassel, Skanes Malmö, Opera Göteborg and many others. He was working as rehearsal director with tanz
mainz under the artistic direction of Honne Dohrmann(2015 – 2018) as well at Staatstheater Kassel under the artistic direction of Johannes Wieland(2008 – 2012). He lead his own company rebound prod together with Matthias Heipel in Freiburg (2001-2007). As a dancer he worked freelance and under fix contract and was engaged at several theatres in Germany and Switzerland.
As rehearsal director and dancer he worked with choreographers such as Sharon Eyal, Guy Nader and Maria Campos, Guy Weizman and Roni Haver, Koen Augustijnen, Rui Horta, Johannes Wieland, Linda Kapatanea and Josef Fruzek, Jossy Berg and Oded Graf, Martin Stiefermann, Susanne Linke and many others.

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