Scholarship for International 5-day workshop in Berlin

26.04.2023 – 30.04.2023

New International Performing Arts Institute extends the invitation to apply for a scholarship of 200 euros to attend the International Workshop "Physicality in Performance" in Berlin on 26-30 April 2023. This workshop is an incredible opportunity for you to take your skills to the next level and connect with other talented artists from around the world.

  • Location
    Breite Strasse 43
    13187 Berlin, Germany


April 26 - 29:
10:00-13:00 - Practical Training
13:00-14:30 - Lunch Break
14:30-18:00 - Practical Training
18:00-18:30 - Break
18:30-20:30 - Creative Hour

​April 30:
10:00-13:00 - Practical Training
13:00-14:30 - Lunch Break
14:30-18:00 - Practical Training

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Who is this program for?
This global program caters to both choreographers who primarily work with movement and directors who focus on actors in physical or text-based performances. Individuals from different professional backgrounds in performing arts who aim to enhance their practical skills, establish international networks, and find collaborators are also encouraged to apply!

What will you be able to learn?
This comprehensive program offers invaluable insights into two of the most challenging yet fascinating aspects of contemporary dance and physical theatre: how to infuse performances with psychological tension, and how to enrich acting with physicality. Through a 5 full-day workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with various techniques to uncover answers to these questions.

By participating in this workshop, practitioners can enhance their understanding of the creative process behind contemporary dance, movement, and physical theatre performance. The program offers a wealth of practical and useful tools for bringing action to performances, working with text and images, and creating professional performances that transcend budgetary limitations.

In addition to exploring cutting-edge techniques, students will also delve into the fundamentals of V. Meyerhold's "Theatre Biomechanics" technique, M. Chekhov's "Psychological Gesture," and K. Stanislavski's "Physical Action."

How is the workshop going?
Through a 5-day lab of practical exploration, participants can learn techniques that will help them to add psychological tension, enrich physicality and breathe life into their performances.

The Working Language
This workshop is conducted entirely in English and offers a unique opportunity for participants to engage with performers from different techniques and countries. Multidisciplinarity and multiculturality are fundamental principles of this program, ensuring that participants receive a well-rounded and inclusive training experience that equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to take their performances to the next level. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to have the confidence and expertise to infuse their performances with psychological tension and enrich their acting with physicality.

This program presents an excellent opportunity for individuals to broaden their knowledge, enhance their skills, and establish connections with fellow professionals in their industry.

Ostrenko Brothers Method
The program will also introduce the Ostrenko Brothers' Method, a widely recognized approach to performance that generates innovative productions by utilizing concepts, ideas, and existing play-texts. The method offers the tools and support necessary for performers to reach their full potential.

How to receive the scholarship of 200 euro?
To apply, fill in the application form. If you are accepted by NIPAI, send an email to ArtUniverse via along with your motivation letter and CV. 

We can't wait to see you shining and growing as an artist!

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