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Project Management For Dance Production | I-Jung Lim

For the new production [ Artefacts: Ghosts of the laborers ] in the frame of the trilogy project, the choreographer I Jung, Lim is looking for a production manager.

About the piece:

  • Rehearsals: March 2022 (in Berlin, Germany)
  • Premiere: April 8, 2022, in Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin - Studio 1 (3 performances in total)
  • Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin.

Ever since living in Germany, artist I-Jung Lim has been working on long-term projects related to an ideology - which is the vestiges of history that have been submerged in a society, oscillating and continuously stimulating the culture of that society – resonating with the local culture and penetrates German culture. She’s working as a local researcher with an outside perspective, an outsider within a European context and dance scene who came from Seoul, South Korea and a diverse academic background.

LIM is looking for a project manager, to support the team of ARTEFACTS. The dance production with its premiere in April 2022 is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin. Your main tasks would be:

  • Communicating with the contact person of the Department for Culture and Europe Berlin (paperwork_in German),
  • Assisting in the planning and development of the production. (incl. booking rehearsal space in Berlin, managing industrial objects)
  • Applying for further funding in collaboration with us.
  • Coordinating communication of staff on the day of dress rehearsals and performances, and stage management.


  • Work experience in the field of production management
  • Strength in networking
  • Good work ethics
  • German language skills (for the paperwork)


  • Appropriate honorarium (details on this via e-mail)
  • Flexible in terms of time and location

To apply, please write her an email with a short CV to the following e-mail: (If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact her by e-mail)

Trailers of the artist's works:

*An Historical Tracing and Reproduction of the Motion between the Human Body and Industrial Artefacts: e-motion-between-the-human-body-and-industrial-artefacts/

*Eine Studie über die verschiedenen Positionen der Wirbelsäule in Verbindung zur Anmut des menschlichen Körpers:

*Der Raum: wo es weder Tag noch Nacht gibt:


Published on 12.01.2022.

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