ODDS of ODISSI by Manishikha

Weekend dance sessions starting from November 2019

The sessions are designed to enable dancers, actors or any movement practitioner to learn the basics of a specific Indian classical dance form called Odissi.

Basic introduction to history and social anthropology of Odissi.
Introduction to form, techniques, principles, movements and sequence.
Learning hand gestures and facial expressions.

For | any movement practitioner (above the age of 18 yrs.)
Duration | 2 hours each on Saturdays & Sundays. (Starts November 2019)
Price | 30€ per 4-hour session (1 weekend) | 20€ per 2-hour session (drop-in)
Venue | Theaterhaus Mitte Contact |

About the sessions
The form bases itself in a certain geometry of the body that is grounded and yet floating. It weaves complex rhythmic patterns, footwork, hand-gestures, postures and movements that flow in a lyrical circular narrative. It is deeply rooted in different philosophies of South Asia that may lead to new explorations of the body, its action, intention and expression. The sessions are an opportunity for performers keen on finding new ways to create and delve deeper into the relationship between body/space/time. It’s also a chance to access a form which is 2000 years old and yet unknown in the wider parts of Europe.

About Manishikha
I am Independent performing artist from India and have been an Odissi dancer for the past 25 years. Since the age of 7, I have been under several Gurus through my life. I am a graduate in English Literature and have been an actor-director-teacher for the past 4 years apart from being a dancer-choreographer. As I learn new techniques in devised theatre and performing arts in Berlin, I offer to share my knowledge of this dance form that resides deep in my body and present work.

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