Morning Moves - Yoga Flow and Gaga/ people classes

Weekly classes (starting from October 2019)

Come and join us in the early morning to start your day energized with Yoga Flow and Gaga.

YOGA FLOW with Jennifer Mann EVERY MONDAY 8:15–9:30 (Starting October 21st)
GAGA/ people with Yaara Dolev EVERY WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY, 8:30–9:30 (Starting October 4th)

Yoga Flow (OPEN LEVEL / 75 min / 8:15 – 9:30)

This well rounded, energetic Yoga practice includes flow, strength, deep stretch and breath work. A gentle warm up moves into longer held Asanas, or yogic postures, that respond and synchronise with the flow of your breath. Clear alignment tips encourage physical balance and stability in the practice, while cultivating a mindful approach to movement and self awareness. This practice is a physical meditation that can be a powerful experience of the present moment. Its a opportunity for you to connect with yourself, before engaging in work or other activities.
*The class will be taught in English with German support when necessary

Gaga/ people (OPEN LEVEL / 60 min / 8:30 – 9:30)

Gaga offers a creative framework to listen deeply to our bodies. We work with our physical sensations, in search of freedom and pleasure and to connect conscious and unconscious movement. Participants are guided through a series of multi-layered tasks with a sensitivity to who is in the room. Gaga encourages exploration between our weakness and strengths, awakens numb areas, and addresses physical habits. The classes offer a workout to investigate our form, speed, and effort while enhancing our flexibility, agility, and coordination. With no mirrors or spectators, comfortable clothes, accompanied by music there is an air of non-judgmental exploration.

marameo Berlin e.V.
Wallstraße 32
10179 Berlin

9€ Trial class
11€ Single Class
90€ Ten Classes (valid 3 month)
84€ Ten classes reduced (valid 3 month)

Urban Sports Club members are welcome!

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