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Kat Válastur: Sound Designer*in gesucht

Bewerbungsfrist: 31.07.2024

The team of Kat Válastur is searching for a sound designer to collaborate with us and a musician for our new project. The project will begin in August and will have its premiere in mid-December at HAU Berlin. We are collaborating with a musician who lives abroad. Therefore, the person we work with must be available during the following time frames: 5-14 / 08, 20/10 - 2/11, 1-21/12. We are looking for someone with experience in all practical aspects of live sound production who will assist during rehearsals, provide technical and creative support, and run the shows. Our work involves using multiple microphones and complex live sound setups that are related to music. Additionally, experience in performing arts or dance productions would be essential!

Please send your CV to:

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