Jaw Release Workshop with Angela Lamprianidou

Several workshop sessions from February 22 to April 25, 2020

One of the most important parts in our skeleton is the jaw where the smallest articulations of movement can have such a complex impact throughout the whole body. To explain this complex relationship simply: Once you are grinding and pressing the teeth, your cranium and shoulders, hips, knees and feet are reacting to this pressure. Once the skeleton is affected, also the organs are reacting. A chain reaction of organs and emotions is put in motion.

In awareness of these relations Angela Lamprianidou has designed a class where you really can learn to release these tensions and become aware of what you are thinking, feeling and how your jaw influences your posture and movements. This class is for everyone who wants to include this awareness in their life, and also their professional body work training. Its a releasing class in every sense!
This class is designed for all kind of movers. During her own practice when she was developing this method Angela found out that when releasing the jaw she released all articulations in the body and all following movement trainings were much easier.

“I am convinced that in the dance world including the jaw is still missing, and I am very happy to be able to offer you this class!”
Angela Lamprianidou has designed this class/ workshop out of her life and professional experience as a dancer, choreographer, yoga coach and dentist. So you will be in the best hands if you want to release tension and invite more body awareness in your life.

Workshop sessions:

22.02.20, 12:30–14:30
07.03.20,  12:30–14:30
28.03.20, 12:30–14:30
25.04.20, 15:00–19:00

Where: marameo Berlin e.V., Wallstraße 32, D - 10179 Berlin

Workshop fee (price per session):
2 hours session: 20€
4 hours session: 40€

For all four sessions: 90€

Registration via

Jaw Release and life choreography – 25.04.20

Jaw and life are in relation. Communication is the skill of the inside and the outside space in you, around you and in between –the motor of your actions, by moving or by standing still. We will explore these spaces in a life-choreographic composition. Let go what ever you are still holding inside. You are the point.

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