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Dmytro Grynov “Free limits”– new artistic research “Homecoming”

Application Deadline: September 27, 2023

Dmytro Grynov “Free limits” for a new artistic research “Homecoming” is looking for:

  • 1) recently relocated due to war events professional Ukrainian dancers/artists/performers/artistic individuals.
  • 2) recently relocated due to war events Ukrainian people (without artistic experience) who are willing to contribute to artistic project and share their story.

Where: Berlin, Germany.
When: September 30, 2023
Deadline for applications: September 27, 2023

About the project: Homecoming is a movement research dedicated to the topic of adaptation and assimilation mechanisms due to forced migration. In particular, it deals with the process of creating a new home for Ukrainian refugees who were forced to leave their country of origin due to war and violence. Our main focus will be on the complexity of maintaining traditions and values that need to be established in the new society without betraying one's principles and worldviews.

The project is intended to be integrative and socially oriented. It is based on the collaboration between professional artists and representatives of Ukrainian forcibly resettled people. The final performances of the project will take place outdoors in the public space of Berlin.

Details of the call: This call aimed for 2 groups of participants:

  • For professional artists: Candidates have to be recently relocated due to war events in Ukraine with the residency permit in Germany. They have to possess solid knowledge in improvisation and partnering skills and have movement/performative experience and stage presence. Additionally welcomes experience in acrobatics/breakdance/urban dance on a professional level.
  • For unprofessional people: Candidates have to be recently relocated due to war events in Ukraine with the residency permit in Germany. They shall be willing to contribute to artistic projects and share their stories of relocation and difficulties of assimilation in a new society. Ideally we are looking for people who are coming from the cities and villages, severely affected by war or next to the Belarussian/Russian border. We are eager to know your story and struggle and offer you an opportunity to share it with the local Berlin community and raise awareness to the topic of war in Ukraine and difficulties that people have to deal with on a daily basis.

Candidates of both groups must be based in Berlin, Germany. It is possible to consider applicants from neighboring regions of Germany, though applicants might assure personal travel costs and accommodation for the project period.

Working period: October 2 to 12 and November 1 to 30, 2023 (precise dates and schedule will be announced)

Honorarium: Research period and presentation fees will be aligned with the Minimum Wage Law of Berlin State.

To apply please send:

  • For professional artists: your application to with your recent artistic CV and 2 photos. As well please attach links to a maximum of 3 videos, which demonstrate your versatile performative/dance skills.
  • For unprofessional people: your application to with short introduction and description of migration experience (city of origin, duration of stay in Ukraine and abroad).

For further information, please visit:

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