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Call for professional dancers | Shifts - art in movement, “Odyssee”

Application deadline: 15 July 2022

"Shifts - art in movement "is recruiting a team for a choreographic “Odyssee” in Berlin.

Malgven Gerbes and David Brandstätter have worked together for 20 Years. For 15 years we have run international projects mainly from Berlin and Le Havre in Normandy, France, under the label: shifts - art in movement. A name which has allowed us the freedom to shift our attention, our methods, even our style or subgenre within the field of contemporary dance and performance from project to project. We practice investigative choreography; for us, the subject, the context and our position towards it define the methods of creation applied.

Through our project “Odyssee” we are shifting our investigation again. This time towards our own path. We are inviting a group of interested professional dancers, performers, artists. Humorous, creative, sensitive, meticulous and yet bold people with whom we would like to rediscover our work through new eyes. Odyssey is a search for a meta-aesthetic, a place that would connect all the shifted positions over the years into one accessible framework. The disruptive nature of recent years has invited new questions: Facing the already cluttered marketplace, what is the use of producing more and more pieces, or can we recycle, recontextualise and reuse what we already have? Who should we actually address and how, for art and life to have a fruitful conversation? When can we actually claim to contribute to the aesthetic environment of our time sustainably?

During two choreographic laboratories, with David Brandstätter in Berlin, each lasting for three days, we will test selected choreographic and dramaturgical elements of our pieces playfully. We propose to look at them out of their original context, develop some of them autonomously, or combine them to create new material and sequences. We will also develop a method together in order to solidify the mental and bodily movements we make, so that they are relevant to the questions stated above. We love the edge, the challenge, and the possibility of working in a horizontal fashion. The working language will be English.

We are looking for professional dancers of all genders (m/f/d) who are familiar with: Somatic movement practices, contact improvisation; comfortable in working with objects, spoken word and challenging multi-tasking scores; people with the ability to travel, and work in a heterogeneous team that can navigate  interdisciplinary performativity with generosity, virtuosity, adaptability, and a personal poetry - people who are open to testing different methods with curiosity, patience and humor. Please see for an idea of our stage works. And for our work in other contexts.


To apply, send a brief covering statement (around 700 characters) on why you are interested in this project, with your website and/or social media links, two or three relevant video links of you in movement, and a brief CV in one pdf document to:  

Deadline for the call is 15th of July 2022. Please tell us your availability for both dates, so we can organise the groupings accordingly. Applying for only one or both periods is possible.

Time and place:

Fr 12.-So 14. 08.22 Berlin in Dock 11, studio1

Fr 11.- So 13.11.22 Berlin in Seneca Intensiv Marzahn (S7)


The dancers will receive a fee of 150€ in total for their participation in the three-day lab. The selected participants should be available on all three days of the workshop. The production of Odyssee is planned for 2023/2024.

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Published on 23 June 2022.

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