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Call For Dancers & Stage Designer/Visual Artist | Tamar Grosz

Application deadline 31 May 202

For a new creation process “Earthans. The dance of the Moon on Earth”, five dancers are sought. The performance will take place in the open space festival at the tanztage in Ingolstadt, June 2023, Rehearsals in Berlin 1-2 week in June, and 4 weeks in October-November.

The piece is envisioned to be both an introduction to history of the political struggle of the Mapuche, and to create a space to introduce the Mapuche world view, its femininity, its eroticism with nature, its circularity and coexistence with nature. The piece aims to create a contemporary ceremonial space where the audience can interactively take part in. The chorographical work will be outdoors surrounded by an exhibition developed together with a visual/stage artist.

The piece deals with the native Mapuche community in the south of Chile, their contemporary political struggle, the history of their land taking and political tensions in Chile. In this process we will work on elements of national versus indigene identities, using guided improvisation. Ability to enjoy working in a group is important for the process, as well as improvisation skills.


  • Dancers with personal connection to the subject or to Latin America are sought. Dancers should have a -Strong physical background in contemporary dance, improvisation, and professional experience.

For the project a stage designer/visual artist is sought, with connection to Latin America. To work on an accompanying exhibition dealing with historical material, interviews and personal stories. Please send a portfolio and short text about yourself.

Historical background- The Mapuche are an indigenous culture, living in south Chile, they successfully maintained their autonomy during the pre-Columbian period, including Spanish rule. In 1818, the northern territory declared its independence from the Spanish crown and the Republic of Chile was established. The new Chilean government conquered the Mapuche territories and settled German, Austrian, Swiss settlers in their country (1830). A military intervention, called the "pacification" of Araucania 1850-1883, resulted in 26% of the Mapuche losing their rights to their land. The systematic expulsion from their territories, where accompanied by masquers and forced state education. Vast part of the Mapuche communities’ loss of their cultural roots. The Mapuche became a poor and oppressed stratum of the population, those who were able to maintain their culture usually lived in hard to access places (like the Andes Mountain). The Chilean state criminalized the Mapuche social movement in order to allow continued economic growth, by maintaining a classist structure in Chilean society. This manifested as a criminalization of the Mapuche fight against National and International companies, which was strengthened under the Pinochet dictatorship 1973-1990, and unfortunately, is to this day present. Chile has a privatized water system, depriving the population of its right on their water. Many of native forests where Mapuche communities lived are sol.

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Published on 05.05.2022.

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