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Call for Collaboration | Anna Konjetzky & Co

Anna Konjetzky & Co is searching for a person to join the team (approximately one day a week -of course paid) to collaborate between conceptualisation, future planning, and management. Thinking and working between dramaturgy and networking. Creating connections to other artists, venues, festivals… and thinking the formats and approach further and their resonance.

Work could be from anywhere. Knowledge of the German arts scene, and its larger context. (German and English language knowledge might be helpful, for the different contexts and collaborations locally and internationally.)

The work is happening in an expanded field of art/choreography in an sociopolitical context- and with a queer feminist approach, and creates not only pieces or installations, but research formats, developing settings for encounters and discourse and facilitates exchanges with citizens, different communities and artists.

For further informations and to start the dialog please get in contact


Published on 26 October 2021.


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