ALL THAT´S LEFT: Dance sessions with Nicolette Michalla

April 13-14, 2024 | 11am - 2pm

All that´s left gives the body space to be present. Perceive and feel your limits but also your unions and des-limitations. Starting from individuality we find ourselves in a shared space where what I breathe is also yours.

Jean Luc Nancy in The Intruder describes his experience when getting to know his heart needed a transplant. Since I read it, I keep wondering if I can sense my heart beating under my feet.

We practice and develop tools for dance improvisation from listening practices. I have for some years got obsessed with the body of sound, so you can expect a wide range of sound situations and powerful collaborations. We move, sweat, run, jump, turn, but we also slow down, walk, lay back and listen.

All that´s left comprises a series of workshops along 2024 whose main wish is to hold a space to feel and (re)think the body together and apart.

When the world is facing an extreme social, economical and environmental crisis, what's left is our bodies, our sensi(bi)tivity and the connections we hold to each other. Far from dystopias and full of hope, this series of dance improvisation classes are a celebration of our flesh, its sensuality and the power of movement.

Open for all. No previous experience needed. Only the Will to move.



Kunstquartiers Bethanien

Mariannenpl. 2, 10997 Berlin


Sliding scale, pay what you can and if you can't, write to me!

60 € / 70 € / 80 €


Those who joined me previous courses can support with 50 €

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You can find me on Ig, from where you can also write to me: @nicolettemichalla

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