Open Calls

Air Camp Summer Artist Exchange in 2020

Open residency

The Air Camp Summer Artist Exchange in 2020 is an open residency which will happen at Ponderosa in July 2020 for artists, researchers, curators, dancers, and writers.

The Air Camp Summer Artist Exchange in 2020 is offered as an opportunity for artistic work and research, in a collaborative environment, together with other participants. 
Come create your work around our gardens and our studios — bring your thoughts, bring your bodies, leave the cities, find refuge.

There will be some hours of open communal classes each day. Throughout Air Camp, hosts and mentors are there to support your artistic process by giving critical feedback, instigating new ways to use our infrastructure, and by inviting collective processes for inclusion and embodied dialogue. With Stephanie MaherCaitlin Fisher, Teo Vlad, Yoav Admoni, Asaf Aharonson, Peter Pleyer, Alicia Grant, and many more ...

Find all information on the website of Ponderosa here.

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